New TRACE App! Automatic Target Detection, Autosaving and More...

We are happy to give you the updated version of TRACE application!

Last June we've made an important change to our licensing mechanism that allows to browse trainings without having the actual license. For this update we've focused on app improvements. Here comes the list of main changes!

Download new TRACE App here.

1. Keeping Your Training Safe With Automatic Saving

TRACE app now automatically saves your progress after every shot. We got rid annoying prompts that pop up every time you want to start a new session. It's much better to know that your training data is safe at all times, isn't it?

You can follow the saving times by checking the bottom-right corner of your target screen. It will always notify you when the training has been saved.

Auto Saving

Your training files are kept in your Windows Documents. You will find them at this path: Local Disk (C:) --> Users --> John Snow --> Documents --> TRACE --> TrainingFiles

Check this video to see how automatic detection works!

2. Less Struggle With Automatic Target Detection

In previous versions you had to search for a perfect combo of minimum and maximum radiuses that would work for your shooting distance. Now there’s an automatic feature that can calculate radiuses for you and make the setup much easier.

TRACE: Automatic Target Detection

To use this feature please follow these steps:

  • Starting training and then go to Settings --> Target Detection

  • Make sure you TRACE 10 is focused for your distance and Brightness level is good enough and target stands out well on camera screen

  • Check if volume is enabled on your computer

  • Prepare yourself for shooting; take the starting position and prepare to aim as you would do for your every in-training shot

  • Click 'Auto Detect radiuses' - by this you will initiate countdown from 5 to 1. While it counts, start aiming at the target as you normally would.

  • You will hear beeping; that means that the autodetection feature started collecting the data. Aim at the target while it beeps (normally it lasts some 5 seconds) until you here a confirmation sound.

You don't have to make a shot during the procedure.

If automatic detection didn't work for you, you can choose to set up radiuses manually by clicking the button 'Set up radiuses manually'. In this case old logic will step in, allowing you to specify desired values on your own.

3. More Crisp Coordination Chart: Showing Axial Data (X/Y movement)

Coordination chart now demonstrates your movement on both X and Y axis separately, all on the same graph. It has also received gridlines for better readability. You can select whether you want to show data on X or Y axis, or display all curves at once.

4. Updated Filters Window

We've re-designed filters window! Now it has fancy new look according to the design in the making.

TRACE: Filters Window

5. Adjustable Trace Line Width

You can now specify the thickness of Trace line via Settings. To do this go to Settings --> Analysis and adjust the parameter as seen on the screenshot:

TRACE: Trace Line Widfth

6. Better Appearance of Trace Line

Actually, Trace line is now much smoother than before.

7. Wanna Help Us? Report a Problem!

If you have an issue to report, there's a tool for that. This tool provides a special data pack that we could use to examine the source of your problem. The data pack contains nothing but latest stats on the software performance. Quite likely the pack will help us to track the error you've faced - please send it to us so we could improve the app as we always do!

TRACE: Report A Problem Window

8. Benefit from Extra Zooming

The zooming capabilites are increased - now you can zoom in much closer that before.

9. Changes to Environment Setting

We have changed the appearance of environment setting - there is no Outdoor/Indoor regime anymore. However, you can specify whether your training conditions are challenging and it needs to be taken into account for better target detection.

TRACE: Training In Low-Light Conditions

We've also fixed a bunch of bug and made a row of under-the-hood-improvements. Also, every version will now have a prefix depicting day of release - starting this version. This version is v.1.2 (0823)

Download new TRACE App here.

Please continue to send your feedback, questions, ideas, critics and comments regarding our product to our mail, as you always do! We're always taking these comments into account when choosing the direction our development shall go.

Thank you for being with us!




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