3-2-1, Liftoff! We Launched A Blog For Shooters!

Hey there, ladies and gentlemen.

I'm Daniel, a guy who's dealing with most of what you see in the Internet concerning TRACE.

In TRACE, we are committed to making shooting sports more available, open and friendly. All of this is achievable via communication - the information we exchange in different shapes. While TRACE shooting gadgets accompany you during trainings, we find it necessary to enliven your out-of-training info space.

That is why we are launching a blog!

In this blog we will be sharing news regarding TRACE, our travels and shooting events we participate in, interest TRACE development stories, telling lots of stories, from current news in shooting sports, training techniques, opinions, personalities, funny reads, and many more. We'll definitely have different people from our team writing for you, as well as guest authors that you will definitely love.

If you have an idea or writing you think should be posted in our blog, please do not hesitate to message us here.

Surely, we prepared a portion of posts to have you entertained right from the start. Go take a look!

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