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6 Simple Steps To Begin Training With TRACE 10

Attention! This procedure requires your computer to be connected to Internet.

To install TRACE app you will need to download the installation file and go through guided installation process. It is fairly easy - here's a step-by-step guide:


Go to and download the latest version of TRACE app by clicking the download icon.

The downloaded file most likely will end up in your Downloads directory or on your Desktop.



Open the installation file you've downloaded by double clicking it with your left mouse button.

Upon opening the installation file you might a notification as shown below. TRACE app doesn't mean any harm to you computer, but only enhancements in your shooting technique. :)

Please proceed by clicking 'More info' and then click 'Run anyway' to initiate the installation of the TRACE app.

This will allow TRACE installer wizard to launch. Now you need to specify installation preferences!



You will see the window shown below - select a language from a dropdown selector and click 'Next'.

Installing TRACE: selecting installation language

Specify the folder in your file system where TRACE app will be installed. We do not recommend changing it, unless you would like TRACE to be installed in different folder for a certain reason.

Installing TRACE: specifying installation folder

Click 'Next' to proceed.

In the next installation step, make sure you mark 'Create a desktop shortcut' option to access TRACE app easier. Click 'Next' to proceed

Installing TRACE: create a desktop shortcut

Now the installation process has begun! You can track the progress via the progress bar as shown below. It will finish automatically. Please do not shut down or restart your computer during installation.

TRACE Installation: Progress
When installation has finished, you will see the screen as shown below.
TRACE Installation Finished!
Now you can click 'Finish' and start using your TRACE app!

Please remember, that you will require a TRACE 10 sensor and a license key in order to start training sessions with TRACE app. See below for step-by-step description of licensing procedure.


Launching the application for the first time will notify you of the necessary activation. Select 'Activate' button to activate the software.

 Please note, that you can use software for free, without getting an activation. This would be useful for browsing saved training files.

TRACE Activation Prompt
I. Activating the application


Clicking 'Activate' will trigger the activation dialogue.

TRACE Activation Dialogue


To proceed with activation, pelase highlight and copy the entire 'Request code' using Ctrl + C hotkey. Paste it to your e-mail and send it to You will receive an email with Activation code in 24 hours (usually faster!). It isn't required to keep TRACE application running for that time.


TRACE Activation Dialogue with Activation code


When Activation code is received, copy and paste the Activation code into 'Activation code' box and click 'Activate'.


TRACE Activation Successful!


Now it's time to proceed with setting up the TRACE 10 unit on your gun.

After you have activated your TRACE App, it's time to try it out! Let's have TRACE 10 mounted onto your gun.

Wanna skip this boring read? Watch this video:



I. Adjust the focus of the lens to your shooting distance. Use the distance markings on the right hand side of the TRACE sensor as a reference. Note! The distance is marked in meters.

II. Wrap the adjustable strap around the barrel or air cylinder of your weapon.

III. Place the main mount of the sensor in the opening of the adjustable latch.

IV. Position the sensor. Sensor can be mounted below or on the left or right side of the weapon. Note! Sensor should be mounted strictly at 90 degree angle towards the weapon.

V. With one hand hold the base of the adjustable strap and tighten the knob screw securely.

When you have TRACE 10 sensor mounted onto your gun and TRACE app is activated for full usage, then you can proceed to starting the training and tuning up your target detection!

ILaunch your TRACE app and select 'New training session' on Welcome window.

Launching New Training


II. Specify the main parameters of your training session:

User -- the shooter who is factually executing the training

Target -- the standard of the target that corresponds to your discipline you would like to shoot

Caliber -- the caliber of your weapon. Note that caliber will be selected automatically, but you can still amend it manually

Sensor position - the position of the TRACE 10 sensor unit relatively to your barrel (on the left side, on the right side or below the barrel).


You can Use settings preset to load a set of pre-saved settings. It's very convenient for continuous use. Don't worry if you don't have the preset yet, you can create it with one click later!

When done setting up the training parameters, just click Start.

III. Calibrating your target recognition

SCENARIO I: Using automatic detection feature

Starting TRACE App v.1.2. (2308) our software allows to use automated target detection in order to start training faster.

Here's the video walkthrough:


Here are the steps you would need to execute in order to use automatic detection feature


IV. In the toolbar go to 'View' --> 'Settings'

TRACE: Opening Settings

V. Go to 'Target detection' section

VI. Make sure you have enabled the volume on your computer

VII. Focus the TRACE 10 sensor lens so that target would be clearly distinguishable on screen

VIII. Adjust brightness to achieve best contrast

IX. Prepare yourself for shooting; take the starting position and prepare to aim as you would do for your every in-training shot

X. Click 'Auto Detect radiuses'. You will see countdown from 5 to 1. While it counts, start aiming at the target as you normally would. It is important that by the end of the countdown your gun aims at the target and TRACE 10.

You will hear beeping; that means that the autodetection feature collects data. Aim at the target while it beeps (normally some 5 seconds).

XI. When it stops, check the results.

IMPORTANT! To achieve better results please avoid executing auto-detect while your pistol or rifle lies on the table or on the weapon stand. Autodetection should occur in real circumstances (as if you would normally aiming).


SCENARIO II. Setting up target detection manually

If you are using TRACE App version older than v.1.2. (2308) or automatic target detection didn't work for your shooting environment, you can always set up your detection manually.

To do this please follow these steps:


I. Make sure that TRACE 10 is aimed at the target

II. Adjust the TRACE 10 sensor focus so that target would be clearly distinguishable on screen

III. Make sure brightness is adjusted achieve best contrast

IV. Start the training session

V. In the toolbar find a 'View' and selection 'Settings' from the menu it opens

VI. In settings window go to 'Target detection' section

VII. Adjust values of 'min radius' and 'max radius' so that green circle appears on camera screen.


i. For TRACE App v.1.2. (2308) or older, you will need to click 'Set up radiuses manually' in order to make 'min radius' and 'max radius' editable.


In order to achieve good target detection please follow these principles:

- 'min radius' value should always be lower than 'max radius'

- green circle should always be located around black ring on target

- narrow the difference between 'min radius' and 'max radius' until the green circle has stabilized around the black ring; green circle should be jumping around the target.

Below you can find few examples of good and bad detection.
Examples of Good and Bad target detection

Once you have started your training session and adjusted your Settings accrording to previous steps mentioned in this quick start guide, it is time to move to the very last step of preparations - firing a calibration shot.

I: Load your weapon in dry fire or live fire mode and make a shot at the target like you would normally do.

You will see a score of 10.9 appear on the screen which would mean that calibration shot has been fired successfully.

Attention! If the calibration shot was triggered by accident you might need to recalibrate the system. You can do it by starting a new training session and making the calibrating shot again.

II: adjust the hit position using drag and drop feature of TRACE app: hold the Ctrl key and drag and drop the hit to the desired location on the target by holding down left key of your mouse.

And it's done!
You can print a target directly from TRACE app in order to use it in your trainings. You can also scale the target for any distance you would prefer that makes it a perfect tool for home trainings.


Here's how you do it:


I. Launch TRACE app and select 'Tools' >> 'Print target' from the toolbar 

TRACE App: Target Printout


II. Select the target and shooting distance.

TRACE App: How To Print The Target

III. Click 'Print' to send the target directly from your printer. Alternatively you can choose 'Print to PDF' to save the target as a *.PDS file for later printout.

Attention! This step is not a mandatory measure to start training with TRACE. Systems works with standard ISSF, BDS and other targets that are available in TRACE 10 target selector.
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