Our Story

This story began years before the TRACE company was founded, even earlier than the idea of ​​creating an  electronic shooting trainer first dawned on the creator. It all started with a boy passionate about air pistol shooting and his dream to become a champion one day.

Persistent training with an expert coach over the years, the study of trigger control methods, as well as the practice of breathing techniques, and the development of mental aspects soon led to the first rewarding results - 1st place in national junior championships. The first achievements inspired him to train even harder, however over time, more obligations appeared in life.

Combining studies at the university with part-time work left less time for regular shooting practice. With time, it became challenging to balance between sport and other activities in life.


Sport shooting competition

Frequent trips to the range located across the town took around 2 hours both ways. Also, range working hours didn’t always coincide with the free time in his schedule. Therefore most of the time, dry-fire shooting practice took place in the basement from his parents's house lacking the opportunity to analyze performance and receive feedback from the trainer.

At that point in life, the boy, also known as one of the TRACE company founders came up with an idea about an electronic device for direct feedback from dry-firing. Enabling a range-like experience directly at home the first MVP of the TRACE air-rifle training system became quickly popular among fellows from a local airgun shooting club.

Experienced athletes, as well as dedicated beginners, could now benefit from the stand-alone training method with daily practicing in apartment, basement, garage, barn, or any other place. How cool is that!


TRACE team at air-rifle shooting competition

Today the TRACE shooting performance system is actively used by more than 1700 shooters in 40+ countries worldwide. Thanks to continuous engagement with clients and the international shooting sports community, our team is continuously collecting, analyzing, and acting upon feedback to maximize the performance of the TRACE product line.

Becoming a high-score champion shooter is not easy. Yet, the TRACE will make your training process more convenient, transparent, and fun!

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