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  • Spectacular Athlete: Shooting Tips From Austrian Rifle And Crossbow Champion

    I FOCUS LESS ON AIMING, BUT MORE ON THE SHOOTING TECHNIQUE ITSELF. I have my own 'ritual' - I come into the target identically for every shot. I also keep aiming for a second after I have pushed the trigger.
  • Video: 84 Years Old Pistol Shooter Shoots Sharp And Trains Young

    She picked up the gun at age of 65. Now, being 84 years old, Chandro Tomar has won more than 30 shooting competitions. With a ~ €1 500 gun in her steady hand and her sari draped over long silver hair, she is believed to be oldest female professional shooter. She is known as "Shooter Dadi" and "Revolver Dadi" ('Dadi' means "grandmother" in Hindi). See below for more!
  • Back From Rio de Janeiro!

    We're just back from Il Copa Sudamerica, the Shooting Cup Of South America which took place in amazing Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

    9 competing countries, represented by top shooters such as Felipe Wu (silver medalist, 10m Olympic Pistol) as well as Julio Almeida from Brazil, Marko Carrillo from Peru, Juan Fragueiro from Argentina.

  • 7 Spectacular Shooting Ranges You Would Immediately Want To Visit

    We know shooting practice is important, but practicing in comfortable facilities is important as well. Check out these 7 amazing shooting ranges - they could easily become a dream of every gunslinger, big and small!
  • European Championship In Baku, Azerbaijan

    As many know, we proactively keep up with major shooting events by taking part and meeting shooters to find out how shot detection and data can positively influence their shooting. We mainly focus European events, but our borders keep broadening bit by bit.

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