Video: 84 Years Old Pistol Shooter Shoots Sharp And Trains Young

She picked up the gun at age of 65. Now, being 84 years old, Chandro Tomar has won more than 30 shooting competitions. With a ~ €1 500 gun in her steady hand and her sari draped over long silver hair, she is believed to be oldest female professional shooter. She is known as "Shooter Dadi" and "Revolver Dadi" ('Dadi' means "grandmother" in Hindi). See below for more!

Despite astonishing number of awards, her largest achievement is the impact she's made after becoming a trainer for girls in her local community, coaching her own children as well. Shooting runs well in the family, and her niece Seema is Chandro's biggest fan. By the way, Seema is also an international shooting star becoming the first Indian woman to win a medal at the Rifle and Pistol World Cup. Coincidence? Surely not.

Many of Chandro's club members found jobs in the military and police, encouraged by Shooter Dadi.

Chandro had an experience with the police herself, proudly beating an officer at one competition. She said: ‘I defeated the Deputy Inspector General of Delhi police. It was brilliant.'

Here is a video showing Tomar's inspiring story.

Target Shooting is a one of these rare sports that are available to every age, as long as you've as persistent and committed as her. Isn't she an inspiration?

P.S. Pretty sure, her 8 children and 15 grand-children do not make it away from the table easily.


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