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  • Here's How To Master Your Heartbeat For Higher Scores

    Target shooting is a static sport and this makes every tiniest movement influence the success. Hence a need to train your every muscle to achieve rock-solid stability. But there is this muscle that keeps on contracting in the engine room, causing the vibrations all the time. We're talking about your heart.
  • How To Define Your Dominant Eye And Make It Work With Your Dominant Hand

    Similar to handedness when persons one hand is superior to the other, ocular dominance is a term which describes the tendency to prefer visual input from one eye over the other.
  • Staying Hydrated For Training Or Competition

    Water is the most important nutrient in human body. Lack of fluid causes early fatigue, de-focus, cramps and headache; in sport it also means extended physical and mental recovery. Even moderate dehydration decreases ability to concentrate and decreases movement accuracy.
  • 4 Breathing Exercises That Will Set You At Ease

    Every shooter knows that lack of breathing control might hurt accuracy. Schooling the breath control is paramount for every successful marksman, but is also good thing to practise in your everyday life! Controlled breathing not only keeps your mind and body functioning at their best, it can also lower blood pressure, promote feelings of calm and relaxation, and help you de-stress.
  • 12 Foods You Must Avoid To Succeed In Sports

    Looking forward towards taking the podium? Then avoid these nutrition disasters!

    Engagement in sports requires though-out fueling with right foods to perform well. But which foods are actually right? To find out, let's start with ones that are wrong. Here are 12 nutrition disasters every athlete should avoid!

  • Nutrition Tips Every Sports Shooter Should Follow

    Shooting isn’t a sport that requires big emphasis on nutrition. There’s no need to refill the proteins or carbohydrates after a training session to achieve good results. But this doesn’t mean nutrition can be forgotten. Here we describe the basics of nutrition that every shooting athlete should respect.
  • Spectacular Athlete: Shooting Tips From Austrian Rifle And Crossbow Champion

    I FOCUS LESS ON AIMING, BUT MORE ON THE SHOOTING TECHNIQUE ITSELF. I have my own 'ritual' - I come into the target identically for every shot. I also keep aiming for a second after I have pushed the trigger.
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