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  • Evolution Of Air Gun

    Did you know that blowpipe was a predecessor of the modern air gun? Force of air got employed by ancient people since long time ago, and existing tribes still use it to propel a projectile! Air weapons have significantly evolved since then, and we know for sure that blowgun is an arch-father of the air gun which we shoot today.
  • 8 Interesting Facts about Olympic Shooting Medalists

    The International Olympic Committee officially recognizes 206 places as entrants for Olympics games. We used ‘places’ because some of them are more of territories or regions rather than countries. Some countries fell apart or renamed while blazing their trail through the history. We have tracked all the shooting medalists of the Summer Games and here's what we found out!


  • Blasting Rifles Over Your Local Bar - Bell Target Shooting

    The story goes back to late 19th century, right to the dawn of modern firearms culture. At these times workers and soldiers of United Kingdom aspired to improve their marksmanship skills. At that time shooters of various age started coming together to sharpen their technique in a friendly company of each other and their .22 rifles.
  • Video: 84 Years Old Pistol Shooter Shoots Sharp And Trains Young

    She picked up the gun at age of 65. Now, being 84 years old, Chandro Tomar has won more than 30 shooting competitions. With a ~ €1 500 gun in her steady hand and her sari draped over long silver hair, she is believed to be oldest female professional shooter. She is known as "Shooter Dadi" and "Revolver Dadi" ('Dadi' means "grandmother" in Hindi). See below for more!
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