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  • 8 Interesting Facts about Olympic Shooting Medalists

    The International Olympic Committee officially recognizes 206 places as entrants for Olympics games. We used ‘places’ because some of them are more of territories or regions rather than countries. Some countries fell apart or renamed while blazing their trail through the history. We have tracked all the shooting medalists of the Summer Games and here's what we found out!


  • 4 Victorious Shooters Who Visited The Most Olympic Games Ever

    They say that professional shooters are like a good wine. Decent wine is characterized by the maturity and steadiness of ripening, which is a great example to describe athlete's sustainability in shooting sport.

    A fact: comparing to others, the shooting sport has the most people involved since the beginning of Summer Olympics. There are other ‘sell-outs’ too: Equestrian, Sailing and Rowing.

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