Staying Hydrated For Training Or Competition

Water is the most important nutrient in human body. Lack of fluid causes early fatigue, de-focus, cramps and headache; in sport it also means extended physical and mental recovery. Even moderate dehydration decreases ability to concentrate and decreases movement accuracy.

Hydration in Shooting

Some might ask: why hydration matters for sport shooters? Well, drinking enough water keeps your vision clear. Dehydration might affect your sight, therefore athletes must supply themselves with enough water to see the target clearly. Another thing to keep in mind (but away from your mouth) are sport drinks and sodas. They contain carbohydrates in form of sugars and sugar in blood system may cause slight body trembling that will influence your aim.

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Easy Way To Stay Hydrated

Here's a simple way to normalize your hydration level: distribute a portion of 2 litres of water through your day and go to restroom every 2-3 hours. Coffee, alcohol and sodas don't count! Each of us has own minimum amount of liquid that is necessary to consume during the day, but this method works for everyone!

The colder is the fluid, the quicker it will get taken up to the muscles!

Staying Hydrated For Training Or Competition

Preparing to a sport event requires a bit more scheduling, but is still fairly easy. Two hours before the starting whistle treat yourself with a glass of water (~200ml). Two hours will be sufficient for your kidneys to process this amount of liquid. Then you have another glass just 30 minutes prior the event. Try to get it through your body as fast as possible.

Hint: the colder is the fluid, the quicker it will get taken up to the muscles!

Hydration intensity should be selected carefully, taking the type of sport and training into account. The formula is simple: aim to recover whatever you have sweated out. Losing 1kg of weight should be followed by drinking extra 1 litre of water besides your normal daily dose.

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