Here's How To Master Your Heartbeat For Higher Scores

Target shooting is a static sport and this makes every tiniest movement influence the success. Hence a need to train your every muscle to achieve rock-solid stability. But there is this muscle that keeps on contracting in the engine room, causing the vibrations all the time. We're talking about your heart.

Want it or not, your heart creates an impact that influences the aiming process. (Can't switch it off, can you?) Due to specifics, impact of the heartbeat is easier on pistol shooters, while prone rifle shooters get affected big time!

All time world record for lowest Resting Heart Rate is only 26 beats per minute! Recorded back in 2014 by a former physical training instructor Daniel Green at age of 81.

In this article we'll disclose first steps towards mastering your heartbeat.

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First step is to develop a habit of measuring your resting heart rate (or RHR). You will need a good night sleep and a stopwatch by your bed. Read on for further steps!


How to measure your resting heart rate?

Resting heart rate is measured upon waking up in the morning. Here are the steps:

  • While lying on your back, take stopwatch in your hand.

  • Put your index and middle fingers on your carotid artery on your neck and find your pulse.

  • Count how many beats can fit into 20 seconds and multiply by 3.

  • Got your number? Now compare it with table below to find out your level RHR level.

For ladies:

For gentlemen:

Main function of your heart is to propel blood and deliver oxygen through the body. Low RHR means that your heart is delivering well and your body gets enough oxygen.

Endurance athletes often have a RHR ranging from 30 to 40. Yet an all time world record for lowest RHR is only 26 beats per minute! Recorded back in 2014 by a former physical training instructor Daniel Green at age of 81. Here's your role model, if you become high on low RHR!

What does low RHR means for shooters?

Low RHR means better stability for every shooter, but especially if you are shooting prone! Heart pulsation has a big affect on your gun hold and aim. Getting to RHR of 50-60 beats per minute is a good start.

How to develop low RHR?

Regular cardiovascular activities help developing low RHR. Yes, this is normal 'cardio' workout you keep hearing about. Cardio activities feature walking, running, step aerobics, swimming, biking and many others. For example, you can start with regular 3-5km runs and monitor how your RHR drops with time.

Once your RHR reaches desired level, it is time to start training your heart pulse shooting technique. But this we will keep for our next articles. :) 

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