Launching the application for the first time will notify you of the necessary activation. 

Select 'Activate' button to activate the software. Please note, that you can use software for free, without getting an activation. This would be useful for browsing saved training files.

I. Activating the application 

Clicking 'Activate' will trigger the activation dialogue.

To proceed with activation, pelase highlight and copy the entire 'Request code' using Ctrl + C hotkey. Paste it to your e-mail and send it to Activation code will be sent to you over email in 3-5 business days. It isn't required to keep TRACE application running for that time.

When Activation code is received, copy and paste the Activation code into 'Activation code' box and click 'Activate'.

Voila! Your TRACE software is now activated and you can start your training.